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5 Examples of Awesome Email Designs (And Why They're Awesome)

5 examples of awesome email designs by spencer ploessl minneapolis creative director

Design, design, design. Everybody is always talking about how they could be better at design. How they could, if the design was better, capture more attention. How they could, if the look was just right, generate more leads. How they could…get more people to read their marketing emails if the design actually spoke to the intended reader.

How to Keep Track of Your Leads with HubSpot's Sidekick

how to keep track of your leads with hubspots sidekick

As a salesperson, I am always wondering what I can do to be more efficient with my time. I also wonder in what ways can I reach out to more people and communicate more effectively. In the past, I have found that I am usually spending most of the work day calling and hunting down potential customers and leads. I am always “just missing them” and advised to “try again later,” or I am just not getting through to anyone at all. Frustration has caused me to often brainstorm different ways to combat getting sent off during my attempts to connect. Wouldn’t it be nice to play “Big Brother” and just know when your leads engage with your website or emails?

Email Marketing ROI: Measure with Ease Using HubSpot

Email Marketing ROI: Measure with Ease Using HubSpot

Return on investment (ROI) is a very popular metric because of its versatility and simplicity. Obviously, a positive ROI means an individual or business invested their money wisely and saw a return greater than the original investment. Alternatively, a negative ROI signifies a lower return than the original investment. For certain investments (not necessarily monetary), ROI is very easy to measure; you can see it, feel it, hear it, smell it, or even taste it. But how do you measure ROI for complex business efforts such as email marketing? HubSpot’s marketing automation software makes it pretty easy.

Marketers: Are You Ready for In-App SEO?

Marketers Are You Ready For In App SEO

Oh, what a thankless job it is to be a digital marketer. Just when you thought it was safe to take a break from your search engine optimization efforts, Google goes and reshuffles the SEO deck (they’re good at that), once again creating more work for the beleaguered MarTechie. This time the culprit is mobile. More specifically, the proliferation of mobile devices has created a veritable profusion of mobile apps with unique programming schemas that necessitate fresh approaches to search and discovery and, by extension, SEO. New techniques like deep linking and app indexing are already beginning to dramatically alter the traditional SEO landscape. Forget link building, in the short run you need to figure out how to navigate a strange new world of app indexing APIs and app filters, an alien ecosystem where URLs are replaced by URIs and deferred deep linking actually means something. Welcome to the brave new world of in-app SEO.


7 Examples of Call-to-Action Best Practices [INFOGRAPHIC]

describe the image

Transforming website visitors into prospective leads, calls-to-action (CTAs) play a vital role in  initiating two core elements of the inbound marketing process: lead generation and lead conversion. For your CTAs to work effectively, you must ensure they are part of a well-executed inbound strategy. Check out our top call-to-action best practices to see how you can begin increasing your inbound conversion rates.

How to Optimize My Landing Pages

how to optimize my landing page by spencer ploess minneapolis minnesota

Are you driving traffic to your website? My guess would be yes, but the real question is what are you doing with those visitors once they land on your homepage (or any page on your site for that matter)? Do you want them to arrive, poke around, soak up a few tidbits about your company, and call it a day? Or would you rather be generating quality leads or prospects from your website [which you probably spent a pretty penny on] that you're able to call up, send an email to, or nurture down the sales funnel to make that sale? Great! Then this article is for you.

Benefits of HubSpot's Social Media Tool

Synecore's Social Inbox

To this day marketers are racking their brains on how to prove social media ROI to upper-management and get buy-in. Typical Key Performance Indicators or KPI’s such as follower growth, engagement, reach or brand equity are viewed as qualitative measures rather than quantitative. Don’t get me wrong, they still prove to be valuable in the big picture. However, when you’re dealing with small-to mid-sized organizations, the bottom line always comes down to questions such as:

The 4 Most Useful Tools within the HubSpot CRM

the 4 most useful tools within the hubspot crm

I've had the opportunity to dabble with a number of CRM systems throughout my professional career. Although the purpose of using such software was to make my life as a salesperson easier, I often danced along the emotional lines of frustration and disappointment because the CRM wouldn't store or track the information I needed it to.

Forget Link Building: Time to Embrace the Google Knowledge Vault

Forget Link Building Time to Embrace the Google Knowledge Vault

SEOs and marketers, you better hold on to your keyboards, because Google may be about to fundamentally restructure how its search engine goes about indexing web pages.  If a team of Google researchers has their way, link profiling may become a thing of the past, replaced by a centralized, Google directed, proto-artificially intelligent algorithm that taps into the company's vast (and growing) Knowledge Vault to rank websites based primarily on relevance and factual information instead of the number and quality of incoming links.


How to Use a Mobile App to Drive Online Engagement at a Live Event

How to Use a Mobile App to Drive Online Engagement at a Live Event MINBOUND 2015

How do you drive online engagement at a conference or other live event? This is one of the many questions facing us marketers as we continue our irresistible migration into the digital age. Last week, I came across a simple but effective solution when I attended MINBOUND, Minnesota’s first ever inbound marketing conference. The conference was put on by Minneapolis-based integrated digital marketing agency, Synecore (in the spirit of full disclosure, Synecore is one of the companies I work with on an ongoing basis as a marketing consultant. That said, I had no involvement in planning the event.), who transformed mundane conference badges into real-world landing pages that encouraged live interaction and engagement with the offline/online promotion created for the event.

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