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Obtain Higher Conversion Rates with RWD


The number of mobile users surfing online is increasing exponentially. If the current trend continues, mobile users will soon be a majority online in just a few years. This is why it is critical that businesses optimize for mobile by converting their websites to responsive design.

How to Convince Your Boss to Switch to Responsive Web Design


While most digital marketers today would argue that Responsive Web Design (RWD) and development is a necessity for successful businesses, there are still some designers and decision makers who insist on dragging their feet.

5 Facts Every Business Needs to Know about the Mobile Revolution

5 Facts Every Business Needs to Know about the Mobile Revolution

Guess what? The world is in the middle of a mobile revolution. Now, more than ever before, consumers are using their tablets and mobile devices to shop online. In fact, the shift has been so rapid and monumental that it has spawned a totally new market for retailers.

The Rise of the Digital and Mobile Consumer [INFOGRAPHIC]

[SMALL] Digital Mobile Consumer Infographic

Our increasing trust in the mobile medium is beginning to reshape how we buy things, with mobile fast becoming the go-to option for consumer research and purchase decision. To stay competitive in this mobile-centric consumer environment, all businesses - yours included - must figure out how to provide mobile-friendly solutions to their consumers.

How I Got My First Sale with HubSpot

Annie Nguyen Synecore Inbound Marketing Certification

No one likes the sales guy...and if you say you do, you’re lying. They are stereotypically pushy and impersonal and all they care about is how much money you have. Especially at this time of the year, people avoid the sales guy like the plague because they want to shop in peace. 

T'was the Night Before Christmas (MarTech Version)


Here’s my take on the classic poem, "T'was the night before Christmas.” It’s a slight modernization of Clement Clark Moore’s original 1822 version. Happy Holidays to all!

Forget Facebook & Twitter: Time to Start Marketing on Pinterest & Instagram?

Forget Facebook and Twitter Time to Start Marketing on Pinterest and Instagram

For years now Facebook and Twitter have been the two reliable social standbys, an oft-used, go-to social media marketing pairing equivalent  to wine and cheese or beer and pizza (or in my case, wine, cheese, beer, and pizza). That said, about the only thing you can count on in this crazy world of digital is change, and, well, the times they are a changin’…again. Responding to market (and shareholder) demand, Facebook and Twitter have recently announced (or strongly hinted at, in the case of Twitter) the introduction of filtered feed algorithms that will control which content is displayed in user feeds. Ostensibly, this is said to be done in an effort to provide more relevant content to users. For its part, Facebook pledges that the changes to its News Feed (set to take place in January of 2015) will not increase the number of paid ads shown to users, but instead will reduce the number of blatantly promotional posts from brands. Detractors point out that lessening the viewability of organic brand posts will devalue their effectiveness and thus indirectly force brands into the arms of Facebook’s paid advertising options as the only viable way to connect with users.


A Thanksgiving Prayer for Digital Marketers

A Thanksgiving Prayer for Digital Marketers

As we enter another Thanksgiving holiday, we digital marketers have a lot to be thankful for. Whether by fate or design, we find ourselves in a fast-growing field where our skillsets are highly sought after, and are projected to be in even greater demand in future years. In a post written about the looming digital skills gap, Lorna Walker of Regent’s University London Business School echoed this very sentiment, “By 2018 the US is predicted to lack around 1.5 million managers and analysts with sufficient technical and digital know-how to make effective decisions, and the picture in the UK is similar. Big data, web analytics, mobile, content marketing and social media are the future of marketing but they are also the most difficult skills for which to recruit. This presents a challenge for both marketing employers and educators.”

Social Media Marketing: It's Complicated.

social media marketing its complicated

I work from home part of the week. As a part-time office jockey, when I do turn up I’m relegated to any open desk/couch space I can find, preferably as far away from the conference table as possible to avoid getting swept away into a planned or impromptu meeting (a congenital fear of mine). This arrangement usually finds me and my trusty laptop settling into a ratty old nook near the kitchen. I try to use this location to my advantage, sniping pointed questions at members of the team as they pass me by on their way to grab a cup of coffee or a ham sandwich. I’ve recently gotten in the habit of throwing out prospective blog titles as would-be questions, such as, “WTF is Content, Anyway?” These thoughtful inquiries are met with varying levels of acknowledgement, ranging from distracted grunts and eye rolls (veteran staff) to polite but curt answers (interns).


Casting a Social Net: How to Get People to Naturally Share your Site on Social Media

Casting a Social Net

Getting more people to share content from your website through popular social media avenues such as Facebook and Twitter can boost the success of your website in multiple ways. Regardless of the focus of your site, increased visits and readability can help you get your site into the eyes and minds of people who can truly help it grow. If you’re interested in boosting the sharing capability of your own website, read below to gain 5 helpful tips that are sure to gain the sharing interest of your site’s visitors.

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