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Synecore's Top Marketing Words That Convert [INFOGRAPHIC]

Infographic header blog

You know that words matter, but how do you know you’re using the correct words to convey your message?

The New Definition of SEO [Video]

the new definition of SEO

As Google continues to evolve, so has the capabilities (and limitations) of its search engine. With algorithm updates focusing on the human perspective of search, businesses are being forced to shift away from the traditional use of SEO as a marketing tactic, and instead focus more on the content that drives it.


The Digital Reality: How Technology has Transformed the New Business

How Technology Changes Your Business

Technology builds the business. Technology refines the business. Technology grows the business.

Responsive Web Design Stats: What You Should Know

responsive web design stats small

We all know that trends come and go throughout the years, especially in the ever-changing world of design.

What is Snackable Content?

what is snackable content small

From testimonials to eBooks, press releases to product videos, for years brands have been developing and producing an endless variety of content for consumption. 

A Day In The Life: Contextualizing Multi-Screen Device Use

A Day In The Life: Contextualizing Multi-Screen Device Use

Recently, I’ve come across a lot of research and articles on multi-screen devices and theories on their implications for the marketing industry.

6 Principles of Influence Within Your Inbound Marketing

6 Principles of Influence Within Your Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is becoming more and more popular as an effective and analytical way to reach your desired audience. With that being said, it is still difficult for many executives of companies to see the benefits clearly enough to take action.

Why You Need Good People Supporting Your Digital Marketing Strategy

The Importance of Good People To Your Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy

Last Sunday, I dragged my boyfriend shopping with me, trading off a ride to the mall for Auntie Anne’s pretzels. My beau and I were mid-conversation, our bellies full with delicious, salty pretzels, when we passed Athleta, Gap Inc.’s answer to Lululemon.

The 9 Website Performance Metrics That Matter

The 9 Website Performance Metrics That Matter

When it comes to marketing your business online, simply having a website isn't enough to make your brand successful.

What is Integrated Digital Marketing (IDM)?

what is integrated digital marketing small

Digital Marketing is an ever-changing field with many moving parts; new trends come and go each day, but is it enough for your brand to just have a website? Or to have just a strong social media strategy?

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