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3 Ways To Optimize Your CTAs for Better Conversions

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To generate leads conversions with blogging, publishing posts is only half the battle. The other half is further engaging your readers with great calls-to-action placed throughout your blog.  CTAs entice your readers to take action by submitting their contact information in exchange for some kind of downloadable content offering such as an eBook, whitepaper, or checklist. A CTA may read “Download this ebook” or “Get Your Free Consultation.” Optimizing your CTAs has a big impact on whether or not your blog generates that vital next step of commitment to your business--the conversion.

Is Social Advertising Subverting Social Media Marketing?


Fueled by new technologies and widespread corporate adoption, social advertising is finally hitting the mainstream. According to a recent report issued by Strategy Analytics, ad spend on social networks grew a robust 41% globally in 2014, totaling over $15.3 billion, and now accounts for 11% of global digital ad spend. A similar report by eMarketer was even more sanguine, projecting that social advertising spend will reach $23.68 billion in 2015. Regardless of which figure you go with, the trend line is clear: brands are shifting their ad dollars into social media.


5 Blogging Tips To Get More Leads


So, you want to create the ideal presence for your company online. While there are many separate factors that play into this, some of the most important are the quality of your content and your blogging activity. Both play heavily into generating leads. Even if you have incredible landing pages or a refined SEO strategy, your inbound marketing strategy will never realize its full potential for online lead generation without strong and relevant content. Check out these tips to improve your blogging technique and increase leads.

Using Inbound Marketing to Promote Your Next Conference

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So, you’ve decided to host a conference, now what? Assuming the date is set and the venue is booked, all you have to do is get people to show up, which starts with having a great event page. If you build it, they will come. But where do you start? Here’s a handy dandy two-step process that leverages inbound marketing best practices to help you raise the profile of your next conference.

10 Incredible Inbound Marketing Statistics


Today’s consumers have different expectations, which is why brands are changing the way they market. Traditional outbound methods like banner ads and direct mail have given way to more informative inbound marketing tactics such as content marketing and online video. Inbound is all about helping brands generate leads, convert leads to customers, and create long-term customer loyalty through a variety of channels such as social media, blogging, SEO, and email. In short, inbound is a magnetic marketing strategy that takes a proactive approach to pulling customers into your company instead of reactively interrupting them with messages and then praying for leads.

4 Tips For Using Facebook to Market a Conference


If you’ve ever worked in events, you know how challenging it can be to make everything run smoothly and according to plan. Even if you’re doing everything right, sometimes things go wrong that you don’t expect that are also often out of your control. Speakers often change, venues fall through, and prices are unpredictable.  Fortunately, the marketing process is in your control, which is why it’s important to take advantage of all the tools you have at your disposal.

How to Market a Conference Using Twitter


When organizing a large scale event for your company like a conference, you have to both build the event and market the event. There are numerous ways to market a conference, even if you have a small budget. Before you decide which marketing channel to use, you have to specifically articulate your primary audience and their demographic makeup, buying patterns, and professional and business needs. Based on your findings, you can determine the most effective communication strategy.

The Importance of Brand Integrity in the Digital Age

The Importance of Brand Integrity in the Digital Age

A few weeks back, I was involved in a minor dust up at a local bar. Though it didn’t come to broken chairs or fisticuffs, the whole episode reminded me of how much brand integrity matters in the digital age. First, a little background…

4 Types of Content Essential to Driving Leads


In the world of inbound marketing, content is king. If you run a business, you know that when it comes to marketing, things have changed dramatically. The traditional outbound methods for capturing client attention just don’t work as well as they used to. For one thing, outbound advertisements rarely if ever get enough responses to justify the costs anymore. Moreover, telemarketing efforts are often futile. Even if you’ve invested time and effort in creating a new website, it won’t generate leads on its own—it needs content.

4 Email Marketing Best Practices


When it comes to leads, the bottom line is that they need to be nurtured. Lead nurturing is the process of forming a relationship with your leads and encouraging them to move through the sales funnel until they reach that “aha!” moment where they finally become a customer. One of the most effective ways to nurture leads in the digital space is through email marketing campaigns. Below you’ll find an aggregation of email best practices to help you get the most out of your next campaign.

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