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Leverage Web Analytics to Determine Lead Generation Goals

Leverage Web Analytics to Determine Lead Generation Goals

How many monthly leads does your business need to generate to achieve monthly revenue goals? 

Online Ad Spend: Still Rising, Trending Mobile & Social

online ad spend still rising trending mobile and social

They just keep going up and up. That’s the takeaway from the recently released 2014 Internet Advertising Revenue Half-Year (HY) Report from IAB, which shows Internet advertising revenues in the US totaling $23.1 billion for the first six months of 2014, an increase of 15.1% over the first six months of 2013. This upward trajectory seems to be part of a broader general trend: since 2003, 78% of quarters (36 out of 46) have experienced positive online ad revenue growth over the prior quarter. Perhaps most interesting is the nature of this growth, which reflects a steady shift away from more “traditional” search and display advertising formats to newer platforms like mobile devices and social channels.

Utilizing Lead Nurturing to Convert Leads into Customers

Utilizing Lead Nurturing to Convert Leads into Customers

Lead nurturing is not an end goal but rather an ongoing tactic that allows you to leverage content to more deeply connect with your target audience, and by doing so, to more efficiently convert leads into customers and brand advocates.  Sounds pretty great, right? It also has the benefit of being true.

Why Are Marketing Efforts Focused on Social, Local, Mobile?

Social Local Mobile Marketing

Sharing on social and surfing on mobile

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Align Your Brand Messaging, Start From the Ground Up

Align Your Brand Messaging, Start From the Ground Up

As your brand continues to further understand and embrace the multitude of effective online channels, it is crucial to be consistent with your messaging and align your marketing efforts. There are still far too many organizations conveying inconsistent messaging in their online presence.  This is an issue that necessitates attention. 

Understand Your Business: Value Proposition 101

Understand Your Business: Value Proposition 101

Our organization provides ABC to XYZ.

I urge you to take the phrase above and repurpose it for your brand; in which ABC is the product or service your organization offers, and XYZ is your target audience. 

Making the Most of Your Organic Social Media Marketing

Social Media Icons

Have you ever looked at your clock, shocked that it was the wee hours of the morning, only to realize you had spent the past 4 hours on ____ ? (Insert favorite social media channel here.) We’ve all been there. Our social lives have become ‘social media lives.’

Because of the growing infatuation with these media channels, it is not shocking that Americans spend over 30 hours a month surfing media sites. This Nielsen study also reports that the number of hours has significantly increased in comparison to the same time a year ago. Cultural implications aside, social media is becoming the primary marketing avenue for advertisers and brands alike. So, how can you make the most of your social media marketing? Follow these 3 tricks of the trade for using social media organically, then continue to like, retweet, share, +1, or pin at your leisure.


HubSpot CRM: Breaking Down the Barriers between Sales and Marketing

hubspot crm breaking down the barriers between sales and marketing

Intelligent companies have moved their marketing spend from traditional marketing channels to digital marketing for many good reasons, one of the biggest is to begin to mine customer data. The power of “big data” paves the path for marketers and sales managers to understand who their customers are by defining their interest through unique data sets collected by multi-functional marketing automation tools. So what do we do with all of this data? Collecting it is nice (in theory), but we have to be able to pull meaningful insight from our analytics – to use them to tell a compelling story – or else they are just numbers on a sheet of paper. The story the marketing team weaves together with analytics has a dramatic effect on if and how the sales department utilizes the data in the sales process. 

Still Haven’t Embraced Content Marketing? Why Not?

477777489 resized 600

Trends in digital technology are expanding the use of marketing methods beyond the strategies previously embraced, now referred to as “traditional marketing.” Although traditional marketing incorporates many forms of advertising and marketing, it often falls under the categories of print, broadcast, direct mail, or telemarketing. These “push” marketing channels can still be very effective, and are still utilized by many companies, however they’re no longer sufficient to drive your brand’s marketing strategy in the digital age.

Don't Overlook SEO During Your Next Website Redesign

Don't Overlook SEO During Your Next Website Redesign

Redesigning your website is like buying a new car. Over the years you have developed certain feelings towards your car (positive or negative) that will influence your next purchase. Maybe the overall appeal and design are great, but the transmission is questionable and you constantly find yourself at the repair shop. When purchasing a new car, all of the features and benefits should be evaluated to ensure you are making the correct decision. Ironically, there are so many relevant features to new cars (safety, gas mileage, reliability) that take a back seat during the purchase decision while the buyers choose to place emphasis solely on the exterior. 

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