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Apple’s Ingenious Plan: An Apple for the Teacher (and Every Kid Too)

apples ingenious plan for education to get products into every kids hands in school

For many years now, Apple has been synonymous with Innovation in both marketing and technology. Led by creative genius Steve Jobs, Apple has proven that if you create a superior user experience and combine it with a highly-relatable marketing message, people are willing to pay a premium price and keep coming back. In less than a generation, Apple has been able to parlay this model to become the most valuable brand on the planet. Given the extent of Job’s personal involvement in Apple’ success, it comes as no surprise that many tech pundits and erstwhile Apple backers have begun to question whether the tech giant can keep innovating after the passing of such a dynamic leader.

#MarketingTechMin - 2012 Debate: Who Will Rule the Tech Universe, Google or Apple?

2012 MT Debate

In this special edition of the Marketing Technology Minute, Chris and Spencer go toe-to-toe in US Presidential debate-style format to resolve the burning question on everyone's mind: who will dominate the tech universe to become the first Trillion-dollar company on the planet, Google or Apple?

Why Apple is Dominating the Emerging Tablet Market

apple dominating emerging tablet market

Tablets are hot. Apple is dominating tablets.

Facebook, Apple and Microsoft Hogpile on Google

google global domination

For months now, Facebook, Apple, and Microsoft have been laying the groundwork for a relationship of convenience whose primary goal is to check the Google juggernaut.  The Facebook-Microsoft-Apple triple entente is reminiscent of many a four-player Risk board game enjoyed in my youth. In Risk, the goal is world domination, plain and simple. When one person’s armies acquire too much territory and power, the other players oftentimes form a loose alliance of mutual benefit to weaken the dominant player. Put simply, everyone decides to hogpile on the winning player.

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