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6 Misconceptions about Responsive Web Design that Just Aren’t True!


As mobile Internet usage increases, the landscape of the Internet is transforming into something new. Since most users today are accessing the web from a variety of different devices including mobile phones, desktop computers, and tablets, web designers have been responding by altering their strategies. Fixed-width websites, which do not adapt to the size of the device’s screen used to view them, are a thing of the past.

Why You Should Never Use a Website Builder to Design Your Website


Suppose that you want to build a new website, but you don’t know whether to hire a web designer or try to design the site yourself using an online site builder like or Do yourself a favor and contact a professional web designer!

Marketing Students: Education vs. Application

Marketing Students: Education vs. Application

Not many things frustrate me more than the current curriculum taught to marketing students around the nation. There is a substantial barrier between the general marketing knowledge being taught to students and the applicable marketing involvement they should be experiencing as they develop skills for marketing careers. The goal should be to prepare students with the most relevant information that will assist in their ability to secure positions and prosper in those positions throughout their careers.  Unfortunately, the current knowledge obtained in marketing curricula is too general and over-arching, and fails to directly apply to the daily responsibilities many entry-level marketers are tasked to accomplish. This is very troubling to me.

Understand Your Business: Value Proposition 101

Understand Your Business: Value Proposition 101

Our organization provides ABC to XYZ.

I urge you to take the phrase above and repurpose it for your brand; in which ABC is the product or service your organization offers, and XYZ is your target audience. 

Outbound Marketing the Inbound Way


Inbound marketing has taken the world by storm and there is good reason for that; the sustainability and ROI are undeniable. Although embracing inbound marketing methodology is a no-brainer for many companies trying to achieve long-term goals, it is not a strategy that prospers overnight. It takes time, expertise, and focus to create an inbound strategy that will setup your company for sustainable success.

How IBM Used Inbound Marketing to Thrive in the Digital Age

ibm inbound marketing

Digital technologies such as the internet, social media, and mobile devices have empowered the modern consumer, offering instant access to vast pools of information, entertainment, and human engagement. The digital consumer no longer needs to rely on traditional, interruptive outbound marketing tactics from brands trying to control their purchase decisions. They now have an alternative method of discovering and researching brands, of learning about and buying products and services: inbound marketing. 


Lead Segmentation: Enhance Your Email Marketing

Segmentation; Enhance Your Email Marketing

After embracing inbound marketing methodology within your organization, it is important to understand how to interact with your leads.  Many companies are pouring resources into creating an abundance of marketing materials that will influence conversions and generate leads, all the while not knowing what to do with the leads they’ve generated. What does your company do to nurture leads? Maybe a monthly newsletter? Or maybe the leads are automatically pushed through to the sales team with the belief that they are ready to purchase your product/service? Whatever the case, I’m here to share that you could be doing it better.

Marketing Eggcellence: The Top Branded Easter Campaigns

Marketing Eggcellence: The Top Branded Easter Campaigns

Historically observed as religious holiday, countries across the nation have grown to recognize Easter as a family tradition of morning brunch and egg hunts. 

With the 2014 total holiday spend just under $16 billion, marketers are continuously expanding efforts to tap into the spring celebrations. 

For today's Sunday holiday blog I went on an Easter ad hunt and rounded up some of the top branded Easter let's hop to it! 


Tips to Smarketing Team Communication Success

Tips to Smarketing Team Communication Success

Smarketing is the unification of a company’s sales and marketing departments to form a unified team geared toward achieving overarching company goals rather than individual ones. That sounds like such a nice idea, but sales and marketing are known for being adversaries and blaming each other.

Social Media Storytelling: The Stop Motion Video

Social Media Storytelling: The Stop Motion Video

From content writing to website building to social media promoting, the art of brand storytelling has become a crucial element in the success of a marketing campaign.

And while there may be hundreds of ways brands can uniquely portray their story in the digital space, one visual trend that is continuing to grow in popularity is the art of stop motion filmmaking

Through the quick combination of a series of photos, stop motion videos have provided brands with the ability to show off their creative side while creating engaging pieces of content. 

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