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Lead Segmentation: Enhance Your Email Marketing

Segmentation; Enhance Your Email Marketing

After embracing inbound marketing methodology within your organization, it is important to understand how to interact with your leads.  Many companies are pouring resources into creating an abundance of marketing materials that will influence conversions and generate leads, all the while not knowing what to do with the leads they’ve generated. What does your company do to nurture leads? Maybe a monthly newsletter? Or maybe the leads are automatically pushed through to the sales team with the belief that they are ready to purchase your product/service? Whatever the case, I’m here to share that you could be doing it better.

Marketing Eggcellence: The Top Branded Easter Campaigns

Marketing Eggcellence: The Top Branded Easter Campaigns

Historically observed as religious holiday, countries across the nation have grown to recognize Easter as a family tradition of morning brunch and egg hunts. 

With the 2014 total holiday spend just under $16 billion, marketers are continuously expanding efforts to tap into the spring celebrations. 

For today's Sunday holiday blog I went on an Easter ad hunt and rounded up some of the top branded Easter let's hop to it! 


Tips to Smarketing Team Communication Success

Tips to Smarketing Team Communication Success

Smarketing is the unification of a company’s sales and marketing departments to form a unified team geared toward achieving overarching company goals rather than individual ones. That sounds like such a nice idea, but sales and marketing are known for being adversaries and blaming each other.

Social Media Storytelling: The Stop Motion Video

Social Media Storytelling: The Stop Motion Video

From content writing to website building to social media promoting, the art of brand storytelling has become a crucial element in the success of a marketing campaign.

And while there may be hundreds of ways brands can uniquely portray their story in the digital space, one visual trend that is continuing to grow in popularity is the art of stop motion filmmaking

Through the quick combination of a series of photos, stop motion videos have provided brands with the ability to show off their creative side while creating engaging pieces of content. 

Marketing Madness: March Advertising Review

March Madness in Advertising!

Every year as winter draws to a close and spring (slowly) starts to show its face again, a unique phenomenon sweeps the country. A phenomenon that has even the least sports savvy Americans researching player stats, cheering on teams they may have never even heard of before, and filling out perhaps dozens of brackets.

That phenomenon is known as the NCAA's March Madness tournament. 

These few weeks fill up stadiums and sports bars with fans clambering to see how their picks will fair in the great tournament. Even I, typically a passive sports fan at best, have found myself yelling at screens and biting my nails over close games and unpredictable upsets. (Thanks a lot, Duke.) 

Beer Brewing and Inbound Marketing: The Surprising Similarities

Beer Brewing and Inbound Marketing: The Surprising Similarities

Ah, beer. Cold, fizzy goodness that goes great with pizza and salty foods (and more beer). The age-old drink has inspired German festivals that are now celebrated world wide, red solo cup games for college students, and a craft brewing trend that is sweeping the nation.

What’s Missing In Your Marketing Strategy?

Whats Missing In Your Marketing Strategy blog image resized resized 600

We have reached a point where the barrier between “marketing” and “digital marketing” is almost nonexistent. And every year that line separating the two grows thinner and thinner.

February 2014: The Best Ads You HAVEN'T Seen

February 2014 The Best Ads You HAVENT Seen Blog Image Resized resized 600

This month has had its fair share of major events that have had marketing teams scrambling for top spots in the revenue world. Between the Sochi Olympics, Valentine’s Day, and the advertising event of the year, the Super Bowl, there was no shortage of marketing marvels to feast our collective eyes on.

Don’t Kill Your Company’s Buzz, Stop Using Outdated Buzzwords!

Dont Kill Your Company Buzz By Using Outdated Buzzwords Blog Image resized 600

It starts as a single word or phrase casually written into a blog post, video, or social channel. Someone sees that word and decides to include in their next upload. Then another. And another.

Valentine’s Day: A Holiday Created Through Marketing?

Valentine Day A Holiday Created Through Marketing Blog Image resized 600

Valentine’s Day, also known as the “Hallmark Holiday” is upon us. This romance-ridden time of year has stores flaunting pink and red aisles devoted to chocolates, bouquets, cards, and anything else that can connect one to that special someone.

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