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Consumers Go Mobile for the Holidays


Aside from watching Europeans landing space probes on comets, I can think of nothing more enjoyable than poring over holiday season mobile device usage data. I was given an opportunity to do the latter thanks to a new study conducted by Burst Media and Rhythm NewMedia which focuses on how consumers use mobile devices while shopping within brick-and-mortar store locations. Aside from being a cracking good read, the study offers direct and anecdotal evidence of the growing connection between mobile usage and purchase intent among US consumers. Let’s dig in…


Why Are Marketing Efforts Focused on Social, Local, Mobile?

Social Local Mobile Marketing

Sharing on social and surfing on mobile

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Apple Anoints NFC Mobile Payments: Now People Will Finally Use It

apple watch near field communication

Sometimes in life, timing is everything. After years of patiently sitting on the sidelines of NFC, Apple’s recent entry into the mobile contactless payments space reminded me of the title of a half-written blog I was never able to bring myself to finish: “Google Wallet – Great Idea, So Why Isn’t Anyone Using It?” One of the first things you learn as a blogger is to try and avoid writing about things that don’t hold your interest. When you do, it usually ends up being a painful experience for both yourself and the reader.

Thinking "Mobile First" for Your Website Redesign

Developing Mobile First, Content First

If you've been thinking about a website redesign, chances are good that you've been reading about various techniques to optimize your site for mobile devices. In order for your site to be successful, it's extremely important to consider how your website will look and how your message will be conveyed on the smallest of screens.


How eCommerce, Augmented & Virtual Reality will Redefine the Retail Experience

Marketing Irony: eCommerce, Augmented Reality

eCommerce; Augmented Reality (AR); Virtual Reality (VR): Three rapidly evolving digital technologies that have long held the theoretical promise of delivering more convenient, enhanced and immersive shopping experiences to consumers.

Social Snapping: How Five Brands are Embracing Ephemeral Marketing

Social Snapping: How Five Brands are Embracing Ephemeral Messaging

Quick and fleeting, photo messaging application Snapchat has becoming a growing force with brands wanting to test the power of Ephemeral Marketing.

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Social Mapping: Will Findery Make its Mark?

findery image 1 resized 600

Social discovery is not a new concept. With Foursquare check-ins, Yelp reviews, Instagram captures, and daily postings of opinions throughout the social sphere, social media has become a well-saturated space of personal stories and product promotions.

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The Future of Mobile: Visual Search

The Rise of Mobile and the Visual Search Engine Blog Image Resized resized 600

Two tech news stories recently caught my eye that, when taken together, suggest that the future of mobile discovery lies with the visual search engine.

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Marketing Goes Mobile and Global (MoGlo)

New Marketing Goes Mobile and Global Blog Image Resized resized 600

At this point, there seems to be a general consensus that marketing is going mobile. If you are still on the fence, please read this or this. Anyway, when we think about mobile, here’s the part I think many of us marketers and analysts tend to forget about: mobile is going global. A number of studies I’ve recently come across (from eMarketer, Pew Research Center, SAP, Strategy Analytics, and others) keep reminding me of this new reality. Of the roughly 7 billion people on this earth, about 15% percent of them- 1 billion or so- come from the “developed” or “advanced” world; that leaves the other 6 billion people in the “developing” world. A simple fact that becomes significant when one considers that, while smartphone (and to a lesser extent tablet) penetration has essentially plateaued in the “developed” world- i.e. in countries like the US, Japan, Australia, UK, etc.- it is still in the early stages of adoption in most emerging markets. To put it another way, as marketing goes mobile, it is also going mobile global or, as I like to say, MoGlo.

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7 Social Mobile Apps Marketers Should Know About

10 Social Mobile Apps Marketers Should Know About Blog Image Resized resized 600

The rampant consumer adoption of mobile has many implications. It is becoming clear that the continuing evolution of social media is, for the time being, directly tied to mobile devices. Moreover, for the consumer, the utility of these devices is increasingly driven by mobile apps.

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