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Boards with Benefits: 5 Stand Out Brands on Pinterest

Boards with Benefits: 5 Stand Out Brands on Pinterest

While some may think that Pinterest is simply a place to organize recipes or discover new travel destinations, many brands have been quick to utilize the visual platform as a way of successfully generating leads. 

Pinterest Banks on Web Analytics

is bitcoin ushering in an era of elctronic currency

Today, social pinboarding phoneme Pinterest will announce the release of a new set of tools to help brands analyze the effectiveness of their content marketing and social engagement on the platform. Known simply as Pinterest Web Analytics, product manager Cat Lee, in an interview with Reuters, is quoted as saying, "The goal is really to help websites understand what content is resonating with people on Pinterest.”

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Why Every Business Should Be On Pinterest

why every business should be on Pinterest

Is Pinterest the most sales actionable social network out there? This very question came to me as I came across a recent interview with Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann in MIT Technology Review. When asked the question oft-dreaded by many a techrepreneur, namely, “when do you plan on making money,” the first sentence of Silbermann’s reply struck me as instructive: “The whole reason Pinterest exists is to help people discover the things that they love and then go take action on them, and a lot of the things they take action on are tied to commercial intent.” While this snippet (the rest of his reply was similarly tangential to the question asked) sounds a bit like an opaque dodge, for business’ and marketers, it should be a clarion call to action.

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Pinterest Puts the 'Sales' in Social - #MarketingTechMin

Businesses continue to turn towards social media for an easy boost to their marketing efforts, but a lot of them aren't seeing huge results. The functions of every social media site differ. Misunderstanding how a specific digital platform should be used may account for some of this slow turnaround, but a another huge culprit might be the fact that a lot of these sites were not built to be used by marketers. According to a 2012 report from Bizrate, 69% of online consumers who visit Pinterest have found an item they’ve purchased or wanted to purchase. Join Chris and Spencer this week as they discuss recent stats about the social sharing pinboard, and give some insight into how your business can leverage Pinterest for business.


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Branding 2013: Embrace Pinterest and Show Your Personal Side


As 2012 begins to wind down, it’s becoming clear that 2013 will be the year of personalization for marketers. So much has changed in 2012 about the way people find information. Search, for example,  has already shifted to give more personal results based on a user’s location and preferences, Facebook and Twitter allow for promoted posting and tweets targeted to a user’s profile. Pinterest was built to accommodate brand personalization, and for months now we have talked about how to utilize Pinterest for business. Now, Pinterest has made it that much easier with the introduction of Pinterest Business accounts and tools.

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Pinterest: The Most Popular Kid in School


Pinterest is like that person in high school that everyone wanted to be. Pinterest is good-looking, popular, and it’s the center of attention online. Lately, I can’t help but notice that Pinterest is inspiring more than just the casual afternoon DIY craft project. The unique format of Pinterest’s user interface is making its way into the web redesigns of many other major online companies. A glance at a number of recent updates to websites including eBay, AOL, Stumble Upon, and even Facebook reveals that the simple, visual grid layout is this year’s most popular web trend.

Need to Boost Holiday Sales? Go After Female Boomers on Pinterest

target your business strategy to capture sales from women on pinterest this winter holiday 2012

Big data is fun when it actually tells you something useful. Once again, the holiday season (wasn’t it just the 4th of July?) is upon us, a time when businesses great and small shamelessly troll around for last-minute innovative ways to drum up sales. Sound all too familiar? No worries; have I got a solution for you. If your company happens to count female Baby Boomers among its target audience, you need to set up an account on Pinterest asap (if you haven’t already) and start marketing the heck out of it. Let me explain why.

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A Guide to Using Pinterest for Business [INFOGRAPHIC]

Pinterest for Business Infographic

By now, almost every marketer has heard of Pinterest and seen the statistics on why it will be a game changer in the world of social networking. Presented in this infographic are a few helpful ideas to guide you when developing a Pinterest marketing plan. Less focused on explaining why you should join the network, this infographic details just how you should be using Pinterest for business.

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Pinteresting and Pinformational: 4 Tools to Get the Most Out of Pinterest for Business

pinterest for business

Pinterest is growing like crazy. Still in its experimental phase as a social media site, companies are scrambling to discover how best to use Pinterest for business. There are a number of speculations about how to use Pinterest to generate business leads, but no one concrete way to analyze the effectiveness of your pinning. Many seem to think that at some point, Pinterest will introduce its own analytics tools, but in the meantime, here are a few resources (Pinalytics, if you will) to help you measure the success of your Pinterest campaign. 

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7 Tips to Generate Leads Online with Pinterest

lead generation with pinterest

In case you haven’t noticed, Pinterest is hot. In just the last year, the virtual pinboarding site has seen its web traffic grow from 700,000 unique visitors to 20 Million - half the unique visitors of Twitter. According to data from Compete’s Online Shopper Intelligence Survey, 1 in 4 consumers acknowledge that they are spending less time on other social media sites in favor of Pinterest. Brands are finding that a presence on Pinterest translates into sales. Roughly 25% of consumers reported purchasing a product or service after discovering it on Pinterest. Long presumed to be a social site dominated by women, Compete’s survey found that that 37% of males bought a product or service after seeing it on Pinterest, as opposed to just 17% of females.

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