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Facebook Place Tips: The Next Killer SoLoMo Tool for Businesses?


If you’re looking for new ways to capitalize on the consumer shift to SoLoMo and draw in nearby mobile users to your place of business, Facebook has you covered. In late January, Facebook announced a feature called Place Tips to help users receive contextually relevant information about nearby businesses directly in their News Feed. In what may prove for businesses to be a silver bullet for SoLoMo connection and conversion, Place Tips offers up this information by pulling content from company Facebook Pages, as well as from people in the user’s social network who’ve been there before.


Why Are Marketing Efforts Focused on Social, Local, Mobile?

Social Local Mobile Marketing

Sharing on social and surfing on mobile

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Foursquare Unbundles; Appeals to an Audience Exhausted by Social


I’ve never been big into Foursquare. I tried it out for a bit last summer, but when my scheduled picked up in the fall, the app quickly made its way into the dusty crevice of the third page of my iPhone. I just didn’t have time for it.


Why is SoLoMo Beneficial for Business?

Businesses: It's Time to Get Social, Think Local,

As a local business, you may have come across the term SoLoMo. The concept is a fusion of three separate, but equally important, elements of digital marketing: social, local, and mobile.

Put into practice, SoLoMo targets mobile consumers in their current location with content and promotions shared on social networks.

The tactic takes advantage of the fact that people are constantly using mobile devices to seek out new resources of interest through social media, content, and e-commerce.


Marketing Goes Mobile and Global (MoGlo)

New Marketing Goes Mobile and Global Blog Image Resized resized 600

At this point, there seems to be a general consensus that marketing is going mobile. If you are still on the fence, please read this or this. Anyway, when we think about mobile, here’s the part I think many of us marketers and analysts tend to forget about: mobile is going global. A number of studies I’ve recently come across (from eMarketer, Pew Research Center, SAP, Strategy Analytics, and others) keep reminding me of this new reality. Of the roughly 7 billion people on this earth, about 15% percent of them- 1 billion or so- come from the “developed” or “advanced” world; that leaves the other 6 billion people in the “developing” world. A simple fact that becomes significant when one considers that, while smartphone (and to a lesser extent tablet) penetration has essentially plateaued in the “developed” world- i.e. in countries like the US, Japan, Australia, UK, etc.- it is still in the early stages of adoption in most emerging markets. To put it another way, as marketing goes mobile, it is also going mobile global or, as I like to say, MoGlo.

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7 Social Mobile Apps Marketers Should Know About

10 Social Mobile Apps Marketers Should Know About Blog Image Resized resized 600

The rampant consumer adoption of mobile has many implications. It is becoming clear that the continuing evolution of social media is, for the time being, directly tied to mobile devices. Moreover, for the consumer, the utility of these devices is increasingly driven by mobile apps.

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Enhancing the User Experience with Augmented Reality

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Today’s businesses and marketers are intensely focused on enhancing the digital user experience. Augmented reality doubles down on that idea, giving them the ability to produce real-world user experiences that literally become digital. And augmented reality is big business. According to data from Juniper Research, 60 million users across smartphones, tablets and smart glasses will utilize Augmented Reality apps in 2014; this number is expected to more than treble to 200 million unique users by 2018. With such a robust adoption curve, augmented reality is poised to fundamentally alter the user experience, and in doing so greatly impact the business mainstream.

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Marketing Goes SoLoMo

marketing goes SoLoMo

As a general proposition, I think it’s fair to say that marketing is going mobile. There is something organic and seamless about the relationships we have with our mobile devices. These devices have become highly relevant to our daily lives precisely because they deliver convenience, simplicity, and proximity.

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Why Mobile Apps will Drive the Future of Marketing

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Virtually every day, new evidence emerges of the consumer shift to mobile. According to new data from Gartner, by 2017, mobile apps will be downloaded more than 268 billion times, generating revenue of more than $77 billion and making apps one of the most popular computing tools for users across the globe.

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