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How to Approach Social Media Marketing With Limited Resources

So you don’t work for Nike and you don’t have a few million dollars sitting around to throw at a 30-second Super Bowl commercial...don’t worry, there's still hope! Unfortunately, not every business out there has hundreds of employees and millions of dollars to spend on marketing and advertising.  For small businesses and startups with limited resources, implementing the right strategies to grow your business can be a real challenge. Enter social media. Whether you’re targeting a B2b or B2C audience, social media marketing can greatly increase your online presence and eventually convert leads to sales.    

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Facebook’s Enhanced Targeting: A Boon for Social Media Marketing

Do you ever wonder if the content you’re sharing over Facebook and other social media channels is actually reaching the target audience you had in mind? Well luckily for you, just last week Facebook revealed a powerful new social media marketing tool called “Page Post Targeting Enhanced.”

Although not a ton of information has been released about the new post targeting tool, it does appear to be highly beneficial to marketers. Until last week, Facebook posts could only target a specific audience based on two metrics: location and language.  However, according to TechCrunch, the new Page Post Targeting tool allows you to zero in on a variety of different demographics including:

  • Age
  • Interest In
  • Relationship Status
  • Gender
  • Education
  • College Grad
  • In College
  • In High School
  • Workplace

This is huge news for marketers and advertisers trying to target a specific audience when creating posts.  For marketers to run a successful Facebook campaign that produces results, it is imperative that they follow a simple formula for marketing success. When crafting a Facebook campaign, the first objective marketers should focus on is fan reach, i.e. greater exposure in fans’ news feeds. This is where the new Page Post Targeting “Enhanced” functionality comes into play.

With the new tool, Facebook page admins can publish various types of content to specific, highly-defined market segments. For example, if Gap is trying to promote a new fall back-to-school clothing line for high school students, the clothier will not only be able to focus on specific geo-locations, but also target directly to high school students based on age, school, and possibly gender, depending on the direction of Gap’s campaign.

This means that college students and other unlikely consumers will not see irrelevant advertising for products they are unlikely to purchase. Instead, a company’s “enhanced posts” will only appear in the news feeds of their intended target audience (in addition to the company’s Facebook Timline).

Marketing Takeaway

For marketers who understand the importance of content marketing, and more specifically, the power of social media promotion, Facebook’s new Page Post Targeting Enhanced tool will allow segmentation and targeting like never before. If used properly, the new tool will likely drive more relevant traffic to your Facebook page, increasing engagement with the fans that matter most.

However, it will be up to the individual marketer to determine the appropriate targeting levels for Enhanced Posts. With too much targeting, you might be limiting the reach and effectiveness of your post; whereas with too little targeting, you will likely reach out too many people who may not care.

As marketers begin to draw the fine line between what is too much and too little enhanced posting, remember that as long as you’re providing fresh and valuable information, Facebook’s new tool should be an extremely useful for your social media marketing efforts.  


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How to Use Twitter’s PPC Advertising for Social Media Marketing

If you’ve experimented with various Facebook Ads and Promoted Posts and are looking to take your social media marketing to the next level, you may want to check out Twitter’s latest PPC offerings. The recent launch of Twitter’s Promoted Tweets, Promoted Accounts, and Promoted Trends allows advertisers and marketers to target specific users based on the type of content they’re likely interested in. Whether you’re looking to generate leads and sales or just increase your following, this blog will help you get started with PPC advertising on Twitter.

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5 Tips for Creating Valuable Link Bait

Although the term “link bait” often carries a negative connotation, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. Any piece of content that grabs the reader’s attention and provides valuable information can be considered link bait.  For marketers, there are multiple ways to generate link bait content. Whether it is by way of a cool info-graphic, a controversial topic, or simple creativity, providing readers with useful information can benefit your business in more ways than one. In the following blog I will discuss why link bait is so effective, and touch on five ways you can provide readers with quality content that generates solid leads.

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Why You Should Advertise With Facebook's Mobile Sponsored Stories

While many businesses have begun taking advantage of Facebook Ads and Sponsored Stories for desktop, it appears as though they should be focusing on a different platform when displaying their ads. Earlier in June, Facebook started allowing advertisers to run ads exclusively on mobile devices. According to recent study by several of Facebook Ads API partners reported in TechCrunch, Facebook’s mobile Sponsored Stories are getting over 13 times the click-through rates and earn 11.2 times the money per-impression on mobile compared to all of Facebook’s desktop ads.

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How To Create Your First Facebook Ad Campaign: Step-By-Step

With a recent debate surrounding the effectiveness of Facebook ads, there has been a lot of talk regarding whether or not Facebook ads actually provide value to your business. So you may be thinking, why should my business be advertising on Facebook?

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5 Tips to Build an Effective SEO Strategy for Your Business

For today’s online marketers, Search Engine Optimization, or “SEO”, is a valuable tool used to drive traffic to your website. By optimizing web content, your website will see increased visibility within search engines, resulting in more traffic and a greater chance of converting leads into sales. If your business plans to develop its online presence while generating more onsite traffic, then it’s necessary to have an established SEO strategy in place. However, providing quality SEO “optimized” content is not an easy feat; it requires a lot of patience and careful monitoring.

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10 Social Media Marketing Tips You May Have Missed

As social media quickly becomes an imperative aspect of your marketing strategy, it is important to take full advantage of the many hidden features the leading social media sites have to offer. Creating a profile and using the basic social media tools is a good place to start, but if your business is seriously looking to drive sales and convert leads, you may want to take advantage of the marketing features that are often overlooked. Here’s a brief rundown of 10 tips you can easily implement to get more out of the most popular social media sites used by marketers.

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Why Inbound Is Better Than Outbound: "Cold Calls, Faackkk"

Over the past few years the transition from traditional outbound marketing techniques such as cold calling has shifted to a much more social-based inbound form of marketing. Instead of sellers having the majority of the power, it now lies in the hands of the buyer. For this reason, marketers must adjust their strategies to get customers down the sales funnel.

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5 Questions to Ask Before Your Business Plunges into a New Social Network

With so many new social networks being made available for businesses, finding the right ones and determining whether or not they are worth your time can be a difficult task.  In order to maximize efficiencies, it’s important to develop a process for assessing new sites.

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