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SEO 2.0 Case Study: Valentine's Day Internet Marketing Trends

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I've used the term SEO 2.0 to describe the fundamental changes happening in the functionality of the Internet. With the rise of social and mobile, the Internet is rapidly evolving into an integrated multi-dimensional platform facilitating many of our daily transactions and interactions. This SEO 2.0 Internet landscape allows businesses to connect with consumers in a deeper, more holistic way by providing website and social content users find fresh and original.

Never is this trend more evident than on a major holiday such as Valentine’s Day. A recent survey conducted by ORC International showed that Valentine's Day is now No. 2 behind Christmas as the year's premier gift-giving holiday. Valentine's Day celebrants are marking the occasion by exchanging tokens of their affection with a widening circle of friends and family members. The ORC International survey found that 88% of Americans plan on some sort of Valentine's gift this year.¹

How does our SEO 2.0 Internet figure in to Valentine’s Day? Some fun and interesting stats:


  • According to Google, searches related to Valentine’s Day have seen a 35% increase compared to last year.
  • Consumers are expected to spend $17 billion on Valentine’s Day gifts this year, roughly a fifth of which ($3.3 billion) will be spent online, according to projections from the National Retail Federation and eMarketer.²
  • A new survey by, a network of 35,000 influential moms who are active in social media, asked participants how they will use social media this Valentine's Day. The top answers included "Wish my friends a happy Valentine's Day on Facebook, Twitter, etc." (37%),"Integrate Valentine's Day into a blog post or status update" (28%), "Check out Pinterest for inspiration and ideas" (20%).³
  • The same survey found that, given the choice to go without one thing for Valentine's Day, about 76% of social media savvy women choose to give up Facebook over sex with their spouse or partner. The study affirms that the need for human connection significantly outweighs those connections made via social media, at least for the time being.
  • Even the CDC (yes, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention) is getting into the online holiday spirit. Believe it or not, the impressively social-media friendly CDC offers over 100 “Health e-Cards” to send to friends, family and co-workers.


So remember folks, in an SEO 2.0 world love is in the air……and online.


P.S. For all of you last minute Valentine’s Day shoppers, here is a link to Mashable’s “Top 10 Last Minute Gift Ideas You Can Get Online.”


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