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5 Tips to Build an Effective SEO Strategy for Your Business

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For today’s online marketers, Search Engine Optimization, or “SEO”, is a valuable tool used to drive traffic to your website. By optimizing web content, your website will see increased visibility within search engines, resulting in more traffic and a greater chance of converting leads into sales. If your business plans to develop its online presence while generating more onsite traffic, then it’s necessary to have an established SEO strategy in place. However, providing quality SEO “optimized” content is not an easy feat; it requires a lot of patience and careful monitoring.

To assist your efforts, here are 5 tips to remember when crafting an effective SEO strategy for your business.

  1. Create Quality Content – People don’t like hearing about the same old stuff over and over again, and neither does search engines.  In order to stay at the top of a search engine result page (SERP), you must frequently provide useful content that encourages and allows followers to like, share, and comment on. Providing valuable content that your target audience finds useful and relevant will improve your site’s ranking and increase the number of incoming links. Using social media and publishing blogs are great ways to keep fresh content rolling. And remember, when it comes to content, think quality over quantity.
  2. Effective Titles – Though it may not seem like a big deal, your titles are in fact one of the most important aspects to your SEO strategy. This is because the words shown in your title tags are an important ranking factor for search engines. Given this, make sure your titles are concise for humans and effective for search engines. Don’t get carried away with long wordy titles, an effective title should be fewer than 10 words and describe your work in a compelling manor that encourages people to click on.
  3. Keyword Performance – Similar to deciding on the right title, selecting the appropriate keywords for your website is an important aspect of good SEO. When crafting keywords, think about what people would realistically type into the search bar. Short, multiple-word phrases highlighting the key points of your work are most effective. Finding the right keywords is essential to driving quality traffic back to your site.
  4. Link Building – Developing a link network is a great way to drive traffic to and from your site. However, building a link network takes patience and should be managed over time. Start by providing valuable content that encourages people to share and the inbound links will come naturally.
  5. Monitor Your Results – Now that you have a basic understanding of SEO and have implemented the tips listed above, it’s time to analyze your results. Like I said before, good SEO comes over time and requires monitoring on a regular basis. By using tools such as the inbound marketing software provided by companies like HubSpot, you can easily track the effectiveness of your SEO strategy. HubSpot’s marketing automation software allows you to track multiple metrics such as keyword and link rankings, conversion rates, and organic search traffic. Monitoring these metrics will allow you to adjust your efforts to maximize traffic and lead conversion.

Taken as a whole, these 5 tips offer a framework on which to build an effective SEO strategy for your business. 


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