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How to Use Twitter’s PPC Advertising for Social Media Marketing

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If you’ve experimented with various Facebook Ads and Promoted Posts and are looking to take your social media marketing to the next level, you may want to check out Twitter’s latest PPC offerings. The recent launch of Twitter’s Promoted Tweets, Promoted Accounts, and Promoted Trends allows advertisers and marketers to target specific users based on the type of content they’re likely interested in. Whether you’re looking to generate leads and sales or just increase your following, this blog will help you get started with PPC advertising on Twitter.

Before you go promoting like a mad man, though, remember to take some time to determine specific social media marketing campaign objectives. That said, let’s dive in and get those promoted tweets rolling!

Promoted Tweets

Promoting a Tweet is a great way to engage with a large number of users. Similar to promoted posts on Facebook, you can promote a variety of different things, such as a new product, campaign or upcoming trade show. After determining what you want to promote in the tweet, the next step is to choose your target audience. As any marketer knows, you can have an awesome campaign, but if it’s targeted at the wrong people it likely won’t produce results.

Twitter gives you three targeting options when promoting a Tweet, each based on how you want to reach your audience: search results, homepage feeds, or your profile.

By targeting search results, anytime a user searches a keyword mentioned in your Promoted Tweet it will appear at the top of their search.¹ By targeting homepage feeds, you have the option of targeting your followers, or any users similar to those following you, with a promoted Tweet. You can also target your profile, in which case the promoted Tweet will appear at the top of your own profile page. I like to compare this to pinning a Facebook post at the top of your timeline so users see it first no matter when it was published.

After choosing the type of Promoted Tweet that best suits your campaign, the next step is to determine your target audience on a geographic level. You can target specific countries, cities, or anywhere in the world.

Promoted Accounts

Just like promoting your Facebook page, promoting your Twitter account will help increase the number of users following your brand or business. Depending on the success of your organic marketing efforts, it may or may not be worth it to pay for followers. However, in order to become an industry influencer it is imperative that you have a solid Twitter following.

When you come across someone following 10,000 people but only 75 people following them, it’s likely they are missing a piece of the puzzle. Having a large Twitter following is great for your social media marketing efforts as well. The larger fan base you have the more likely it is that there is someone willing share your content. Having a large reach is great for branding, even if you rarely convert those leads into sales.

Promoting Accounts is easy and can be very beneficial to driving traffic and your following. Brainstorm a few relevant keywords that you believe people in your industry will likely use.¹ Once this is determined Twitter will handle the rest, as your account is automatically suggested to those with similar interests.

Promoted Trends

Promoting a trend is probably my least favorite of the three but nonetheless can be very beneficial for driving traffic to your profile. To promote a trend, you must contact Twitter directly and purchase that particular Promoted Trend. Hopefully by now you are all aware of the Trends bar on the left side of your Twitter account, but if not, this is where your Promoted Trend will appear. Trends are visible to all Twitter users, and those that are promoted are clearly labeled as such.¹ Anytime a user clicks on the Promoted Trend, all related search results will appear with the Promoted Trend listed at the top. 

Tweetworthy Takeaway

Like any social media campaign (or any marketing campaign for that matter), it is imperative that you track your results. Twitter provides Promoted Post campaigns with a Twitter ads interface and analytics platform, from which you can track results and monitor spending. As your Twitter promotions begin to drive traffic, make sure to take the time to monitor results to determine what’s working and what isn’t; this will help when crafting future Twitter ad campaigns. 

Like any content your business provides, make sure any Twitter promotions are fresh, engaging, and most importantly, valuable. If used properly, Twitter ad campaigns can be a great tool to boost traffic and convert leads into sales.


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