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The Best Branded Content of the Week: January 26, 2013

best of week logoBrands are getting smart about promoting their branded content across multiple channels. Using mobile apps, video, or websites, I see more and more brands creating campaigns that are truly integrated. In this spirit, we'll take a closer look at some of the best branded content campaigns of the week that have taken care to promote across multiple channels. 

Diesel – Days to Live  

If you had the ability to calculate how many days you have left to live, would you? That’s the question Diesel asks in its new branded content campaign for Timeframes watches. An elaborate quiz has been set up on their website that determines how many days you have left on this earth. Using a beautiful HTML5 interface, the quiz asks questions about your favorite color, your romantic history, and your health choices. The campaign also includes an iPhone app that allows you to calculate your life expectancy anywhere. I think it’s a very cool integrated campaign and a unique way to advertise watches. In case you were curious, I took the test and discovered that I have 23,005 days left. Diesel suggests that I waste them more bravely. 

diesel live


Target – Tweet the Runway

Target has released a lot of new commercials lately advertising its “Everyday Collection.” Basically, they consist of beautiful models doing everyday things like changing diapers and light bulbs. Though the commercials kind of annoy me, I do appreciate Target’s creative approach to advertising its less glamorous product line. This week, the brand took things one step further in what I consider to be a brilliant addition to the campaign with their “Tweet the Runway Show.” On Thursday, Target hosted a live runway show inspired by everyday tweets. Target selected and displayed hundreds of random user tweets accompanied by models showing off the relevant product. For example, the tweet: Some guy told me #chickennuggets was not a balanced dinner, so I added #pizzarolls and some candy. #delicious was exemplified by a model showing off a bag of Pizza Rolls. It’s different, it’s quirky, it’s great branded content that gets customers engaged. 


Internet Explorer – Child of the 90’s 

Internet Explorer has been the talk of the Internet this week with this video content piece that pulls at the heartstrings of 90’s kids. In an attempt to brand itself as a new, redesigned browser, IE reaches out to Millennials, who knew the browser when they were young. As a 90’s kid myself, I have to say that I appreciate all the references to the toys and fads of my childhood. I’ve noticed a trend appearing through blogging and social media that puts emphasis on throwbacks and 90’s culture; I think it’s pretty smart that a brand has chosen to ride on the coattails of this movement. The video has already gone viral, so it certainly seems to be working.  

USA Today – Timehop 

USA Today announced this week that it would be teaming up with Timehop, the popular social networking app that lets users take a look back at what they were sharing on social media a year ago. Now, not only will users see their own activity, they will see the USA Today headlines from past news stories written on that day. It’s a smart move for the newspaper brand that has taken many steps this past year to rebrand and enhance its mobile presence. 


That's all for this week! I hope you have enjoyed these very creative and integrated approaches to branded content. As always, If you have a suggestion for another branded content campaign you believe I should cover, please feel free to mention it in the comments! 

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