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The Best Branded Content of the Week: February 2, 2013

Best of the WeekBrands are constantly looking for new and creative ways to connect with their target audience. This week, we take a look at how brands used innovative technology and new social networking tools to create engaging and ineractive content for their customers. Each of these campaigns works as a vehicle to drive digital presence and brand message. 

McDonalds Canada – Your Questions 

McDonalds is a company that generally isn’t very transparent, but McDonalds Canada is working to change that image. The company has launched a special website dedicated to answering customer questions in personalized and creative ways. One video in particular  - Behind the Scenes at a McDonald’s Photo Shoot – shows customers why the food in the menu photographs looks so different from the food you are actually served. The video is both entertaining and informative and it really helps to mold the brand’s image in the mind of the consumer as one that is trustworthy and forthcoming. 

Gillette – Kiss & Tell

Gillete launched a new microsite this week all about kissing and the timing is on par with the corporate timetable for Valentines Day advertising. The promotion aims to discover whether a female aversion to stubble is causing a decline in kissing in America. At the heart of the campaign is a documentary-style video content piece exploring the kissing/stubble issue through various interviews. Both the video and the website are highly engaging and offer a variety of different ways to interact with the brand. Overall, a very creative and informative approach to branded content. 

gillette kiss and tell

Urban Outfitters, General Electric – Vine

The new video sharing application, Vine, is taking over the twittersphere and brands are jumping on board the train. This past week, many big brands have been trying their hand at creating fun and engaging video loops to share with their followers. Urban Outfitters and General Electric are 2 of my personal favorites from the past week. I predict that this app will be the Instagram of video and provide a quick way for brands to interact with their customers. 

That's all for this week! I hope you have enjoyed these unique and engaging approaches to branded content. As always, If you have a suggestion for another branded content campaign you believe I should cover, please feel free to mention it in the comments! 

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