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The Best Branded Content of the Week: February 9, 2013

Best of Week LogoIt seems to me that the Super Bowl advertising this year was like an unofficial kickoff (pun intended) for a whole bunch of branded content. The Internet has been abuzz this week with advertising talk, and brands are not holding back when it comes to creating engaging and shareable content online. Lets take a look at the best branded content of the post-Super Bowl week. 

Expedia - Find Your Story

For the past few months, Expedia has been running a campaign called  “Find Yours.” This week, they introduced a new Facebook app called “Find Your Story” to accompany the campaign. It’s all about discovering what travel means to you. The interactive app allows you to use your Facebook and Instagram photos to create videos of your travel and vacation experiences. People love to share images and video of their lives and their experiences and this newest branded content piece capitalizes on that.

Monopoly - Save Your Token

Monopoly has been quite prevalent in the news lately thanks to their latest campaign, “Save Your Token.”  In early January Hasbro announced that they would be replacing one of the iconic board game pieces based on fan votes. Fans were then able to go on the brand's Facebook page to pick which old piece they wanted to save and which new piece they wanted to add. On Wednesday, they announced that the “Iron” would be replaced by the brand new “Cat”. Because this campaign was both extremely engaging and highly newsworthy, it gets points for being one of the best branded content campaigns this week. 

monopoly facebook

Oreo– Super Bowl Promotions 

Blackout Tweet

This quick thinking tweet sent out during last Sunday’s Super Bowl is the definition of perfect content marketing. The image was sent in a timely fashion on an appropriate social platform and was entirely on point with the Oreo brand. Marketers everywhere, bow down. 

Instagram Campaign 

The Super Bowl also marked the launch of Oreo’s Instagram campaign. The advertisement, aired during the game, directed the audience to post pictures of things they love with either #creamthis or #cookiethis. Then Oreo recreated the image using cookies or cream. Taking the brand from 2,200 to a whopping 22,000 followers in a matter of seconds, both the advertisement and the branded content produced thereafter were obviously quite effective. At the date of this publication, their follow count now stands at 68,247. 

oreo instagram

Red Bull - Rhythm of the Factory

Here's a fun video I came across on YouTube this week from Red Bull. The company is known for it’s great branded content, and this video does not disappoint. Showing the manufacturing process of a racecar, this video is both creative and entertaining. The best part of the video is its soundtrack – the noise of the factory floor transformed into song. It’s also very relevant content for the Red Bull target audience. 

That's it for this week! I'm looking forward to seeing what these big brands come up with next. As always, If you have a suggestion for another branded content campaign you believe I should cover, please feel free to mention it in the comments! 

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