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4 Success Stories that Prove Responsive Web Design is the Future

5-success-stories-that-prove-responsive-web-design-is-the-futureMost modern marketers would agree, Responsive Web Design (RWD) is the way of the future. RWD is a web development approach that creates dynamic changes to the appearance of a website, depending on the screen size and orientation of the device being used to view it. RWD is a solution to the problem of designing for the various kinds of devices used by consumers such as mobile phones, tablets, and desktops. RWD is overflowing with benefits for both you and your user, including improved appearance and usability, better SEO relevance, higher conversion rate, and increased website traffic. But, for those of you that are still unsure about RWD, here are four great success stories that prove it is here to stay.

Skinny Ties

5-success-stories-that-prove-that-responsive-web-design-is-the-futureFirst, we’ll look at Skinny Ties, a family-run necktie company established in 1971. In 1997, the company created before eventually settling on Since then, they have become one of the largest retailers of neckties in the United States. Skinny Ties decided to use RWD to “reinvent the brand’s identity and develop a future-friendly platform to carry the business forward,” according to an article.

Within a matter of weeks, Skinny Ties noticed a huge improvement when compared to before the brand made the switch to RWD.

The Results:

    • Revenue from all devices increased by 42%.
    • Conversion rate increased by 13%.
    • iPhone revenue increased by 377%.
    • iPhone conversion rate increased by 71%.
    • Bounce rate decreased by 23%.
    • Visit duration increased by 44%.

When switched to RWD, iPhone revenue increased four times. On top of that, their conversion rate improved by roughly 15% and their revenue increased by nearly 50% across all devices.

O’Neill Clothing

rwd-success-storiesA case study by Electric Pulp showed the improvements achieved by O’Neill clothing after switching to a responsive design. Before launching their new responsive website, O’Neill tracked conversions, transactions, and revenue for three weeks. 

After officially releasing the new site, O’Neill recorded the same metrics for three weeks, showing spectacular improvement:

On iOS devices:

    • Conversions increased by 65%.
    • Transactions increased by 112%.
    • Revenue increased by 101%.

On Android devices:

    • Conversions increased by 407%.
    • Transactions increased by 333%.
    • Revenue increased by 591%.


5-success-stories-that-prove-responsive-web-design-is-the-futureBefore switching to RWD, a separate was plaguing 1-800 CONTACTS with bad SEO and high maintenance costs, according to a case study by Merkle. Ideally, users should be able to access brands online seamlessly and with ease, but administering two separate sites got in the way. Thankfully, RWD provided 1-800 CONTACTS with a single URL solution. After a few months of successful A/B testing, 1-800 CONTACTS dropped their mobile site altogether and fully embraced RWD.

The Results:

    • A/B testing the new RWD site against the showed and 8% increase in conversion rate.
    • RWD dramatically reduced maintenance costs and effort.
    • SEO traffic boosted by having a single URL.

Time Magazine

5-success-stories-that-prove-rwd-is-the-futureIn 2012,’s overall mobile traffic increased to around 10% of overall traffic. Time wanted to make sure it delivered a seamless user experience across all devices. This is when decided RWD was the best way to optimize for their growing mobile audience. In the end, they saw some huge improvements.

The Results:

    • Mobile and tablet traffic increased to about 25% of overall traffic.Pages per visit (PPV) across all devices increases—mobile PPV increased by 23%.
    • Unique visits to the homepage increased by 15%, time spent on the homage increased by 7.5%, and the mobile bounce rate decreased by 26%.

The success stories show concrete statistical evidence that RWD improve your company’s online presence and user experience across all devices by providing a seamless experience. For all of these companies, making the switch to RWD increased traffic, conversion rate, or some other metric. It is actually difficult to find an example where switching to an RWD website had a negative impact on a company, There are plenty more examples of RWD’s success, but these are a few of the most convincing and inspiring.

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