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How to Get the Most Out of Your HubSpot 30 Day Trial [INFOGRAPHIC]

Looking for an all-in-one solution for your inbound marketing efforts? Try HubSpot's 30 day trial to see how you can control your marketing from one platform.

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HubSpot 30 Day Trial


Infographic Transcription : 

HubSpot’s all-in-one marketing software provides you with all of the tools necessary for you to optimize your website to get found by more prospects, convert more leads, and delight your customers.

"From attracting visitors to closing customers, HubSpot brings your entire marketing funnel together."

The Result : More Traffic, More Leads, More Customers

Increase Your Traffic : (TOFU) Top of the Funnel

A buyer is trying to solve a problem or meet a need. As a result, they are looking to be educated and to find information that will help them figure out the best solution. They are uncertain in their buying stage.

SEO: Improve your search rankings and get found by quality leads

As a customer you’ll be able to track organic traffic growth and diagnose pages that aren’t fully optimized using built-in analytics.

Blogging: Easily create content that will help your business get found

Organize, schedule, and publish content in one place. The Calendar allows you to coordinate your campaigns across your blog, landing pages, email and, social channels.

Social Media: Publish and see social analytics across most social networks

HubSpot’s Social Inbox plugs into your contacts database, color-codes your customers and leads, helps you prioritize your engagement, and delivers real social ROI.

CMS: Beyond content management, this is a content optimization system

HubSpot’s CMS ties your content into a full-funnel marketing system, optimizes it for search, adjusts to mobile, and even allows you to tailor your website to different visitors.

Grow Your Database : (MOFU) Middle of the Funnel

A buyer knows they have a problem or a need that must be solved and have moved on to determining the best solution. Middle of the funnel prospects are close to closing a deal.

Calls-to-ActionBuild buttons and callouts to convert traffic to leads in a snap

HubSpot CTAs allow you to easily build custom, dynamic calls-to-action that drive more conversions by testing what works and ditching what doesn’t.

Landing Pages: Create more pages that improve conversion rates and generate leads

Whether you are a marketer or a developer, you can quickly and easily create and style your landing pages and forms. HubSpot allows you to create content and add images and forms to your landing pages without using any code.

Email MarketingPersonalize your emails with any field from your marketing database

HubSpot’s Social Inbox plugs into your contacts database, color-codes your customers and leads, helps you prioritize your engagement, and delivers real social ROI.

Analyze and Manage Your Marketing: (BOFU) Bottom of the Funnel

The buyer is ready. The question is who will they purchase from? The right BOFU offer can help speed up the rate in which you would close this deal.

Sidekick: Powerful Profiles in Your Inbox

Sidekick shows you powerful information about your contacts right in your inbox. See a contact’s Professional history, where they live, mutual contacts, email history and so much more.

Analytics: See which traffic sources are generating the most leads

With analytics, you have access to integrated metrics that span your contacts database, marketing content and website traffic - all in one platform.

CRM: Use Salesforce data to segment contacts, personalize email and more

When you use the HubSpot Salesforce integration, every interaction your sales team has with a lead is informed by HubSpot Lead Intelligence. More relevant, informed calls mean that they are more likely to be successful.


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