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Preparing Your Marketing Strategy for 2016

As we begin to wrap up the year 2015, now's the time to start planning and strategizing for 2016. Among the things you're sure to work through during this time period, your marketing strategy/plan should be on top of the list. A detailed marketing plan sets clear, realistic and measurable objectives (including deadlines), provides a budget, and allocates responsibilities. It doesn’t have to be particularly lengthy or beautifully written, however it does have to be constructed intelligently based on your current situation and future company goals.

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Why Buyer Personas are Crucial to Inbound Marketing Success

Good morning/afternoon/evening/middle of the night. I would like to grab your attention briefly to talk a little bit about buyer personas and how they fit into your inbound marketing efforts.

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How to Create Your Buyer Persona [INFOGRAPHIC]

Buyer personas are semi-fictional representations of your ideal customer based on market research and hard data. By understanding what your personas are trying to achieve, you can create the kind of content that will help the real-life target audience your personas represent reach their goals and solve their challenges. This in turn will help you convert them into leads and close them as customers.

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