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What is Growth-Driven Design? [INFOGRAPHIC]

What is Growth-Driven Design?

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10 Badass Blog Page Design Examples

As the creative director at Synecore, a Minneapolis-based inbound marketing agency, I tend to get caught up spending countless hours reading blog article after blog article and getting so sucked in that I forget the initial intentions I had for reading in the first place. Does this problem ever occur in your day-to-day grind? Have you ever found yourself leaving a blog article because there are too many things going on? Maybe the flow of the content is off, or the images that the writer used are completely irrelevant to the post itself.

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7 Examples of Call-to-Action Best Practices [INFOGRAPHIC]

Transforming website visitors into prospective leads, calls-to-action (CTAs) play a vital role in  initiating two core elements of the inbound marketing process: lead generation and lead conversion. For your CTAs to work effectively, you must ensure they are part of a well-executed inbound strategy. Check out our top call-to-action best practices to see how you can begin increasing your inbound conversion rates.

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5 Facts That Prove Mobile Marketing is the Future [Infographic]

Mobile is taking over. Now more than ever, consumers are ditching their desktops and switching to smartphones and tablets to make purchases. And as a 21st century business owner, your website is basically your company’s storefront. In today’s technological environment, it’s not just recommended that businesses optimize their websites for mobile, it’s a necessity.

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Don't Overlook SEO During Your Next Website Redesign

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How Colors Affect Your Purchase Decisions

What color signal does your brand project?

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